O nas

New. Light. Durable. Offshore and onshore, you can trust FLYN to give you everything you need to be your own warrior. For those who watch the moon move the ocean, for those who live in water, we created FLYN. Its innovative materials will give you the ultimate protection from all the elements of nature. FLYN will keep your body warm in freezing water and under the attack of a powerful wind. 95% water impermeable and windproof, FLYN will be your first choice. We use Yamamoto Neoprene to give you the best experience. It is light, three times more durable and 95% water impermeable. Walk out of the ocean still feeling warm. Yamamoto will keep your body temperature at a reasonable level. Feel strong and beautiful in FLYN SPORTS. Yamamoto Neoprene learns the shape of your body. It will be your perfect fit. Step into the water, feel the current. The ocean will fight you. But you will be prepared.